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Ring of Faith

I gave away one of my most prized possessions yesterday to a young lady named Sonja – my Faith ring.  This ring has rarely left my finger since purchasing it nearly two years ago.  It’s a simple silver band with the inscription “Faith.”  The ring is a symbol of my personal faith to cling to for my son’s health.  At the age of 19, a cancerous tumor was removed from his colon.  Through a series of events surrounding his life the year before and after his diagnosis/surgery, the word “faith” continued to surface – a sweater, a tattoo, a puppy, and finally this ring.  Somehow this ring was the capstone for solidifying my faith for this situation.  If fear or worry tried to overcome me, I could look at the ring and realize the concern is now with God.  Life continues – mine and his – and we are to live this day and every day without fear, one day at a time.

I have passed the ring on to Sonja as a symbol for her – faith for her situation – one day at a time.  As for me,  I had purchased two rings; and now the reason seems clear.  I removed the second ring from my jewelry box this morning, slipped it on my finger, and realized that each time I glance at the ring there is an extension of my faithfaith for my son and faith for Sonja.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love …”