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Giving Thanks

Of course I had planned on posting for Thanksgiving, and I wasn’t worried about coming up with something profound or noteworthy.  But this week, I was taken back by a greeting card that we received in the office.  In today’s busyness of the business world, rarely do you see something like this:

It’s not about:  Turkey and stuffing, Pilgrims and Native Americans, cornucopias and cranberry sauce, football and four-day weekends
It’s about:  Putting down our smartphones, taking time to reflect, being grateful for what we have, an opportunity to give thanks

Sometimes I not only need to pray “create in me a clean heart” but “create in me a grateful heart.” Have a Grateful Thanksgiving!


The Lifter of My Head

I haven’t been able to “get out of my lunchbox” lately and am looking forward to the next unexpected pick-me-up.  In the meantime, what does one do?  It’s too early for the winter blues.  Afterall, the holidays are approaching.  Surely I can look forward to this special time of the year.  I so appreciate the people who cross my path with the gift of encouragement.  We all need these people in our lives.  But what about those dry spells when you’re all alone for days or weeks at a time without words of encouragement?  I have found that sometimes I have to encourage myself.  Don’t dwell on the failures, remember the good things I have done.  If I do remember those times that were not so good, I remind myself that today’s a new day.  Today I will make a conscious effort to do something that lifts me up.  Perhaps that’s listening to a certain type of music.  So maybe I’ll go to a concert or buy a new CD.  Perhaps I just need to sit and laugh.  How about watching a comedy – even if it’s by myself?  Or maybe I’ll people-watch or dog-watch as I walk through the park.  The list can go on.  I also receive encouragement by looking at where I have been and where I am now or where I hope to be soon.  But then sometimes I just take a nap or get a good-night’s sleep, and surprisingly it’s better the next morning.  The sun did rise!  And what might be the explanation for this?

“But you are a shield around me, O Lord; You bestow glory on me and lift up my head.”  Psalm 3:3


Till Death Do Us Part

Last weekend, I attended the wedding of a friend’s daughter.  I absolutely love weddings and firmly believe in the formality of a ceremony and all of the festivities.  There’s something about reciting the vows in front of family and friends and sharing your joy with others that signifies the event.  I was so honored to be invited.  I don’t believe there was a stone left unturned in the preparation of this wedding.  My friend coordinated an amazing event for her daughter – down to the last detail – even kissed by mother nature.  Who would have thought that planning an outdoor wedding (almost a year in advance) in the midwest on October 30 would yield a day of sunshine, 72 degrees, and no wind!  But that’s not all – a string quartet playing Canon in D on the grounds of a country mansion just before sunset (I think you get the picture).

I can think of two other weddings that stand out in my mind like this one – both several years ago.  One was a Christmas wedding.  This was my first experience of hearing only strings for the music selection.  The music was as captivating as the Christmas tree adorned with wedding lace, tulle, and white lights standing at attention on the platform awaiting the wedding party as the bride’s brothers in full military uniform escorted everyone to their seats.  Then there was the wedding of a friend who married somewhat later in life – what a special day for her.  It was my hometown church, decent size, and seated to capacity.  The bride and groom dismissed each row and, more specifically, greeted each person as they left their seat – what a personal touch.

As I reflect on these weddings, I realize that the couples are still together.  While many marriages end in broken vows, they seem to be on the road of “till death do us part” – the way God intended.   I’m sure that love, self-sacrifice, and commitment have sustained them.  But may I also suggest that perhaps they weighed carefully through prayer and Godly counsel their choice?   Taking time to make sure that God is the one bringing you together will make it easier to walk together as one for a lifetime.