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The Encourager

I have been submerged the past month in finishing my book and would like to refer you to a previous post, “Get Out of Your Lunchbox.”  I want to point out that this was not my first visit to the church across the parking lot from my office building.  A couple of months before that, Holly had asked me to go over to the church, again during lunch, but not for a bazaar.  She simply felt led to ask me to go and pray/meditate.  I was hesitant, just as I was the second time, not wanting to take time; and it had been a very difficult day.  For some reason, I went with her.  She escorted me into the empty sanctuary, we sat down and had a moment of silent, individual prayer.  After a few minutes, we both opened our eyes; and she began to encourage me in my writing.  She showed me her watch and said she wanted to give it to me because I needed a watch becoming of a writer, a big watch, and I needed to continue with my book project.  The events of the day had been overwhelming, and I was not at all encouraged about meeting my goal.  Knowing that she loved her watch, I pleaded with her to keep it insisting that I could not accept the gift.  In the end, I succumbed and accepted the watch.  On the way out, she picked up a bulletin and handed it to me.  I didn’t look at it for several days; but when I did, I noticed a very familiar scripture, one that years ago had spoken to my spirit calling me to a specific work.  I was not able to fulfill that calling and have recently wondered if perhaps my writing could be an avenue for fulfilling that earlier calling.  As I recounted this story to another friend and questioned whether I should keep the watch, it was suggested that perhaps I should keep the watch until my goal was met and then return it.   The watch would be my symbol for finishing the project.

Last Thursday, I wrapped up my favorite Christmas gift and presented it to Holly.  I bet you can guess what was inside the box.  She seemed overwhelmed and at first did not want to accept it until I explained that the symbol had served it’s purpose.  It had kept the flame alive and my goal in sight.  I am now compiling the chapters in manuscript format for submission in the contest.  Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me in this endeavor.  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”  Philippians 4:13


Hope, Even When We Don’t Want It

Perhaps you’ve been able to  discern from some of my postings that I have had my share of disappointment in recent years.  I don’t begin to try to compare my struggles with another’s.  As I allude to in “Be Still My Soul,” each of our situations is unique; and we all have our own crosses to bear.  In turn, we have our moments of happiness.  One day, I was reading Psalm 31.  The words in this Psalm uttered my innermost feelings that day, that week, even that year.  I had found a companion to my misery – so it appeared.  Either I was with King David all those years ago or he’s here with me now.

As I was enjoying the company and wallowing in my woes, I read “… since you are my rock and my fortress.”  No, wait a minute David, let’s commiserate some more. But then he said “… you are my refuge.”   Now, David, let’s get back to the trap set before me.  But then he had to go and say “but you have set my feet in a spacious place.”   Well, David, how is this going to work out? – “But I trust in you …”  David, come on, I sense the pressure you and I are both under – “save me in your unfailing love.”  What about the conspiracy David?  “In the shelter of your presence you hide  [me] … for he showed his wonderful love to me …”   Wait, I’m not sure I want to read this part, “Yet you heard my cry for mercy.”  Desperately I tried to remain in my misery, but there continued to be hope.  “How great is your goodness … you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help.”

Ok – I give up.  THERE IS HOPE!

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24