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Keep Running

Lyrics, music, and simply words in general inspire me.  I never know when this is going to happen; but when it does, I pay attention and contemplate.  I don’t take lightly what could be God’s way of reaching down and encouraging me.

The most recent opportunity I had to “pay attention” was last weekend.  I certainly shouldn’t have tried to complete that physically challenging task of putting the wash cloths in the hamper.  Alas, the pain in my lower back took me to my knees.  After three days of continuing to work both jobs and barely getting across the street back home from one of them, I went to see my brother-in-law, the chiropractor.  He made some amazing adjustment cracking it back in the same way it “cracked” out then proceeded to give me strict orders to do nothing for 24 hours or so.  The 24 hours of time just happened to be a Sunday with no work scheduled and a friend  just happened to have rented the movie “Secretariat.”  I took doctor’s orders, stayed on the couch the entire day starting first with watching Joel Osteen’s broadcast and then watching Secretariat four times!  Typically I don’t watch movies – don’t have the time and usually fall asleep, which makes them a waste of time.  I could not ignore the message that kept resounding back at me.  This blog could go on forever, and you would most certainly tire of reading – so I will end with only one encouraging phrase that has now become a part of my dream wall, no – I will not live the rest of my life in regret.  Do everything you can to win and live with it if you can’t.

Is your antenna up or will you have to be brought to your knees to pay attention?


Keep Climbing

When I think about anger, initially I think of an emotion with a bad connotation.  I don’t believe I experienced this real emotion until I was in my 30’s and a mother.  Up to that point, I had never felt that sense of boiling begin inside your belly and eventually welling up all the way into your head.  Know what I mean?  Been there?  Surely, this was a bad thing, so I thought.  But was it or is it always?

Through listening to various teachers and speakers over the years, I have learned that anger isn’t all bad.  One person said, “Anger can be love’s clearest voice.”  And I have learned in recent years that anger can move mountains.  And if they’re ones that need to be moved, perhaps this is anger directed appropriately.

I have a very long fuse but have discovered that once that fuse is gone, an explosion awaits on the end.  Now, for many people, the explosion I have would be nothing more than annoying.  I tend to raise my voice a bit which gets a little screechy, and repeat myself as many times as necessary until I feel the individual understands my point.  Notice I say “when I feel” – not when they actually do.  Well, this is what I did last week.  And I don’t believe that I moved any mountains, at least not yet.  I simply tried to get my point across.  So just suppose that my little burst of anger will eventually cause a certain situation or process to change – a mountain – will I then be justified?  For now, bursting into someone’s office with others present in an attempt to make my point, barely falling short of uttering a four-letter word –  well, perhaps I am still learning (as Pastor Ray would say) to walk like the child of God that I am.  So I will get up and try again.

In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.  Psalm 4:4