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Ready for Production

Really?  These are the words I read in an e-mail this week.  Could it really be true?  I’m finally finished with the editing phase of my manuscript?  Somehow while I’m relieved, I’m also feeling a little apprehensive.  Did I catch everything? This could have been better.  The chapters could have been longer; there should have been more of them too.  Am I within all the copyright guidelines?  Sometimes you just have to shove it off your desk and out the door.

If you were around me much the past couple of months, you would have heard me groaning at times.  A friend described the process so appropriately when she said it’s much like childbirth and first-time parenthood.  Is it ever going to get here?  And then when it does, you’re not quite sure what to do with it – trial and error!

If you’ve been reading my blog, I hope that you will also read my book.  It’s an easy read – one you could probably get through in one sitting.  And, yes, it could have been longer – so perhaps there will be a sequel, although I do have several other “projects” in mind.  Although short, I am very pleased with the “book project” as a whole and what I would call the entire package.  I love the cover and feel the preview on the back as well as inside flaps of the hardbound cover bring it all together.  (It will also be available in paperback as well as available in e-book format.)

So when will this all come to fruition?  Well, I’m expecting an Easter blessing, but if not then – how about a Mother’s Day baby?  Soon, very soon, it will be here … Reflections … stay tuned.


Rest in Him

I received my manuscript back from the editing department of the publishing company early last week after having requested a line-by-line edit primarily to conform to industry standards.  I’ve been struggling with understanding the copyright laws, what’s allowed and not allowed, deciding what needs to be edited, and then trying to decide how to cite appropriately.  In this process I am definitely aware of the learning curve of writing your first book – you’re not finished even when your manuscript is complete.  I’ve researched, gathered information from others with more knowledge than I, and still seemed unable to decide what specific modifications to make.  I must have looked at my notes for three hours before giving up and going to bed last night.  I was at another roadblock.

But then this morning I awakened, grabbed a cup of coffee and went back to bed – not to sleep but to ponder some more.  Before climbing back in bed, I put on Jim Brickman’s Faith CD at a low volume, propped two pillows to sit up, looked out my spacious window, sipped my coffee, quieted my mind, and began to pray for my son who was asleep in the next room.  He is in town on spring break and had an appointment this morning to have his wisdom teeth extracted.  I thought about his life, some of the physical challenges God had brought him through, and prayed for God’s continued blessing.  As I ended my prayer, this amazing peace came over me, my mind was clear, and I unexpectedly had a flash of inspiration regarding these final touches for my book.

I’m still basking in the peace of that quiet moment early this morning and the realization that sometimes I need to let go, stop trying in my own strength, and rest.

Be still, and know that I am God … Psalm 46:10 (NIV)