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In the King’s Service

At the end of my first chapter in Reflections, I mention my last journal entry was recorded in December 1995:  “Off to Babylon, but in the King’s service.”  When recently asked to explain this in more detail, it prompted another reflection – my working career the past seventeen years.  This journal entry was recorded eighteen months after returning to the workforce after a six-year absence where I was consumed with babies, diapers, and bottles.  I wasn’t looking forward to resuming my career in the summer of 1994.  After all, I had given up a career in accounting/budgeting with a major corporation – a company and job that I loved. When I re-entered the workforce, I had to start over – from the bottom.  The modern office had changed from typewriters, manual and mainframe systems to a PC on every desk.  Yes, it was overwhelming.  After those first eighteen months of getting my feet wet and evaluating the company that had hired me, I realized that I was back into the workforce for the long haul so had to look at the best career path for me at that time. I discovered my dormant administrative skills were still useful and were more valued in the company I was working than my accounting skills – so I came to terms with my second career in corporate America.  I actually felt a sense of purpose in this, however, and likened it to the prophet Daniel.  Daniel was a faithful servant of God but still had to suffer the consequences of a disobedient nation and went into captivity in Babylon.  However, his position was in the king’s service.  He walked in the king’s court, was fed from the king’s table, and most importantly became an advisor and prophet to the king as well as interpreted the king’s disturbing dreams.

Like Daniel, I found myself carving out an unplanned career, one that was not my choice, but one in which I felt I could make a difference and my work would count.  I went to work directly for the kings of companies.  Yes, it has been a position of support but has presented unique opportunities and challenges.  And while I haven’t interpreted any dreams, I do feel that I have been in position to provide counsel in addition to support, and I understand that for this period in time – this season in my life – this became my place.  I have watched as important decisions were made affecting people far beyond the boardroom. I have gained wisdom and insight and have had opportunities to offer the same.  I, too, have had to make difficult and timely decisions and support ones made by the kings.

Perhaps like Daniel who lived before, during, and beyond the Babylonian captivity there will be another season of life, a different one.  And should that come to pass, as I reflect, I will remember I was in the King’s service while in service of the kings and just perhaps – I made a difference.