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I’m Jumping Too!

One of my very favorite blogs is Today, I Jumped! by a dear friend.  (Sometimes I call her “Doc” because she listens, advises, and saves me a ton of $$$ in counseling fees!)  She dared to do what her heart told her to do.  (“Heart” is the softer version of what I really want to say:  “GUT.”)  Well, this week, I’m jumping too!   My jump will be a little different; but like her, my gut told me “this isn’t working.”  It’s a funny thing, however.  Even when we realize something isn’t working, it takes guts to change because there is comfort in familiarity.  We continue down a path because we have become comfortable in a routine.  For me, that routine has been working two jobs for 2.5 years.  I wish I could say that I am better off than I was when I started this hectic schedule, but I can’t. Things are simply status quo. So I’m making a scary change – leaving what has become comfortable because my situation is not improving.  This change requires sacrifice in hopes that something better awaits in the journey ahead. What I am gaining is time – time to write more, time to market more – speaking of my book Reflections, and time to enjoy life.  I will still have one corporate day job but am looking forward to my evenings and weekends.

So here we go, I am compelled and it is time for change – come on – say it with me.   Just do it … J U M P!

… I did, and the same God who created Pikes Peak will be there as my feet land on solid ground.


Compelled – Time for a Change

Sometimes I feel compelled to do things which involve travel – like attending the wedding of a friend’s daughter out of town to present her with a special gift, going to New York for a holiday concert over a weekend simply because my favorite piano player wasn’t stopping in Kansas City that year, or taking a specific cruise to listen to that same piano player again to name a few.  I don’t usually know exactly why, but if I am compelled, I can assure you, I will find a way to go.  Other times, I simply want to do things and I may feel there is a purpose – so I go with the flow and see what comes of it, even though I may lack that strong compulsion. Reflecting as time goes by, I may see the purpose – or not – and then simply am thankful for the time I had.

Recently I really wanted to take an extended trip to Colorado – to see parts of the state I have never seen before. I needed time away from the office, away from two jobs, and time to put life into perspective; and I was somewhat compelled to try to find Mountain Bird Ranch and pay tribute to fellow storyteller and songwriter, Dan Fogelberg.  So a couple of weeks ago, a friend indulged in my want, and we headed west on I-70 for a road trip.

After crossing the state line into Colorado, rather than heading toward Denver, we headed south toward Colorado Springs and arrived just in time to take the last train (Cog Railway) up to Pikes Peak. Never been there – majestic and amazing. Got a little dizzy once on the very top but avoided extreme nausea by taking advice to drink lots of water (think the delicious donuts that tasted like funnel cake helped too).  However, I didn’t consider the long trainride down with no restrooms – perhaps I didn’t need quite as much water – a bit of a challenge, but I survived. Yikes!


Day 2 – headed southwest (mostly west) the next morning five hours to the Pagosa Springs area where we were guests for three days on a ranch (not Mountain Bird). I was in awe, again, with the majestic creation of God – the silence of the darkness at night except for the sea of stars that I forget exist that seemed to be screaming look at me, behold me; the hummingbird that stopped several times a day to draw from the flowers in the hanging basket on the cabin porch (the flowers didn’t mind as they had much to offer), the San Juan Mountains that surround the ranch; and the sparkling, rushing river that runs through it. My God does all things well.


Treasure Falls was spectacular, and made up for not finding Mountain Bird Ranch.

 Day 5 – headed north to Vail where we stayed another three days. (Sorry, no pictures of that drive as we took a mountain road with no guard rails and I was holding onto the door for dear life. Yikes! But I think I would do it again.)  It was, to say the least, breathtaking. Vail Mountain was equally as beautiful, and look at the treat I woke up to after a nap one afternoon – right outside the window of my friends’ house. Can you make out mother moose and baby trying to flee into the shrubs off to the left?


This was a wonderful, relaxing trip to enjoy and appreciate God’s giftings to us. I am grateful for the generosity of others who provided the lodging and gave me the opportunity to reflect on a time for change – another season of life … as we headed home …

Auntie Em – we must be back in Kansas!

… until we meet again and are compelled to change.