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Great is HIS Faithfulness

I’m wearing a little bling today because I feel like celebrating. It’s been almost a year since I wrote my very first blog – Ring of Faith.  I’m not celebrating the blog so much as the subject matter. In the good times as well as the bad, God is still faithful.  So today I will celebrate His faithfulness in the good times.  One of my sons is leaving town – returning to college for his last semester. God willing, in December, I will be the one traveling to watch him receive his diploma – his bachelors, and Faith will no longer be called the college lady but will be settling into a life of young adult doghood (better understood if you read Reflections)The prognosis was scary three years ago, but I clung to that thread of faith – the ring – and passed that thread on to Sonja. She tells me she, too, is still wearing her Ring of Faith

I am grateful for the scores of people who joined in with me three years ago as we prayed for healing and a good report.  Today, the report is still good – scans remain clear – and as a result, the prognosis is fabulous. Indeed, great is His faithfulness!