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Forty Something

It was a bit of culture shock to leave a large corporation after a long tenure to work for a small entrepreneurial company … a telephone list by first name … seriously?  But the company was growing, successful, and professional.  And many others followed.

A few months later, the counselor came on board (she, too, came from a large corporation) and developed an in-house legal department from scratch.  She treated me as her equal.  She restored my faith in her profession.

We were close in age.  Her only son was the age of my youngest son.  We lived in the same suburban school district a half-hour drive to the office.

We shared the same work ethic.  She worked hard and long hours, was driven, and the company prospered.  Camaraderie was good.

We drank coffee.


… and life continued on …


Fifty Something

We attended our sons’ games and worked on a school-district fundraiser together squeezing those things into a jam-packed work schedule.  She was devoted to her family and devoted to the company.

Soon those sons were driving, then in college.  They had grown from adolescents into men … overnight … or so it seemed.

Reflecting makes me smile:  like when she drove me to work after my foot surgery for a week or two and I propped my foot on the dash, the time I dropped off breakfast burritos at her house on an early brisk Saturday morning in January for her birthday (I rang the doorbell and left before she could get to the door), and the times she treated me to lunch.   And then I laugh when I remember the times she stood her ground, professionally speaking, and others scattered … Women Who Mean Business … that award certainly fit.

When my precious friend Cheryl died, I ran to her office and cried.  She was full of compassion on many occasions – through death, divorce, and disaster.  I am happy to call her friend.

She gave herself completely to the challenges before her.  Throughout the years, I sensed the need to thank her, although I didn’t always know why.  She must have had my back.

She switched from coffee to tea.

So on this day, as life changes, I have this to say:  “Counselor, let the record show, you did well, the company is well, and you will be well.  Yes, all is well.”

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”  Colossians 3:23-24  (NIV)


She did this.


And life continues on ….



Cher-ish:  to hold dear: treat with care and affection, to keep deeply in mind


I headed out for a week’s vacation of sun and beach.  In my last minute of packing, I grabbed a book and sandwiched it between the beach towels, lotions, blocks, and visors.  After all, you have to have something to read on vacation, don’t you?  I opened the book the first afternoon on the beach but couldn’t concentrate past two pages – never opened it again.

Then, later in the week, I decided to give another book a try – one I had previewed in a trailer a few weeks before – Cherished; and I did not toss it aside.

Things I found interesting:

  • The author, Bethany L. Connor, is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Nurse Corps. (I am a vet.)


  • The material is faith based. (as is most of mine)


  • Lost love. (Haven’t we all?)


  • She mentions the characteristics of Penny in the movie “Secretariat.” (my favorite inspirational movie)


  • Many of her quotes resonate. (“Recovering Perfectionist” for one)


Cherished – isn’t that something we all long to be?  I strolled along with the author as she revealed her story of a broken heart and her journey to self acceptance.  I felt tremendous compassion.  But she didn’t leave me there.  She journalized how she came to understand that she is a cherished daughter of the King.  I am a cherished daughter of the King, and so are you.  Do you believe it?

Yes, I recommend for your vacation, staycation, library, and reading list – Cherished.  You won’t be tossing it aside.

Click here to learn more about the book and the author. 


Press On

Should I go or not go?  It was almost noon by the time I finally decided to make the two-and-a-half-hour drive.  I packed an overnight bag (just in case), loaded it in the backseat, and pulled out onto the interstate.  Why not?  I had an extra day off over the Labor Day weekend.

It was stormy outside.  The winds of change were, and are, blowing … life, hard decisions to make, choices.  How can I be sure?  I need peace.

I drove away from the storm.  The sun was shining when I arrived.  It wasn’t necessary to ring the door bell, but I did.  She answered the door smiling and gave me a hug.  Three plates were set at the table – an extra one for me.  Chicken and green beans were neatly placed on the plate with plenty of other sides all around.  We bowed our heads as the other one blessed the food.  We ate.  I talked.  They listened then spoke, each offering advice, comments.  Dessert was homemade cookies, and we talked more.

We moved into the living room and listened to music, beautiful worship music, – the entire CD – then talked more, such sweet communion.  Then one placed a prayer cloth on my head, anointed me with oil, and they both prayed.  I felt peace and decided to head home.  I reached to open the car door and noticed my blue suitcase tucked tightly between the front and back seats – no need for it after all.

I placed a CD in the player, pushed the “repeat” button, and listened to a song that I meditated on frequently after 9/11 – those uncertain days, months, and years after our nation had been shaken to its core.  Hard to believe it’s been twelve years now.  This music and these words melted into my soul the entire drive home.

We, as a country, found a way to press on in 2001; and so can I today.  I will never forget and, at the same time, am encouraged as I listen to the words in this song.

Press On.