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What’s Happening?

Although you have not seen or read a blog from me for a couple of months, I want to assure you that much is going on in my world. I’m working on the text for my first children’s book so that I can push the concept to an illustrator. I’m not sure how long it will take to bring to fruition, and this project will certainly be unique and different. Once the draft is completed, it will be time to work on Someday I will Write – Someday when I have the Time. More on that another day (when I have the time). 🙂

This past month, I wrote two guest blogs for my publisher’s website about my writing journey. It was fun to reflect on Reflections, my very first book and first writing project, and to look at Helen’s Heritage today. It’s been a remarkable year, and God is good.

You can navigate over to the first of two blogs on the WestBow Press site by clicking on this link: A Dream and a Miracle Part I.

Click on this link for the second part: A Dream and a Miracle Part II.

This journey certainly has been a dream and a miracle.

And last, but not least by any means, yesterday I received a complimentary copy of the July issue of Country Extra magazine. Why was it complimentary?

Country Extra featured parts of my blog, The Tablet, along with Helen’s Heritage and called it Handwritten Treasures. How cool is that? Here’s a little peek.

Country Extra is a subscription magazine; but if you care to read this one story, a single copy can be purchased (while in stock) by selecting the July 2017 issue after clicking here: Handwritten Treasures. (Remember to select July 2017.)

As always, thank you for staying tuned and reading my stories!