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Reflections & Thoughts – 2017 & 2018

I was so glad to wake up this morning to end a very frustrating dream where I just couldn’t solve the problem. I had the answer in a folder, but I simply could not find the material in the folder. All of the research was there, all of the facts that I needed to present, but I couldn’t find it. It was exhausting, so I was very relieved to awaken to reality even though it was -9 degrees (yes, a negative nine degrees Fahrenheit without a windchill factor) in my Kansas City suburb.

What was my subconscious or God trying to tell me?

Perhaps I am a problem solver, but sometimes I cannot solve life’s problems, no matter how hard I try. I think there are some things I just need to let go, let it be. Maybe this is what my dream was about. And so I reflect on the difficult year of 2017. Oh, I know it wasn’t all difficult. In fact, I took the advice of someone on Facebook and wrote down on a strip of paper every time something good happened in 2017 and slipped the strip of paper in a large container sealed with a lid. There are several strips of paper in the jar which is in my office downtown. I will look at those tomorrow and smile, I am sure. But right now, my general summation is that it was another year of unexpected happenings, changes, and challenges. Some of them still linger. Maybe my dream was an epiphany – let it be – instead of a revelation on how to fix or solve an issue as I do receive in many of my dreams.

So this I will ponder as I look to things I need to let be and things I would like to accomplish in 2018, both on a personal level and as a writer. I have to say that it will be much harder for me to “let it go and let it be.”


Here are two things I would like to accomplish as a writer in 2018, God willing.

Thought #1:

I need a new author picture. Yes, as I say frequently: “… and I’m getting older too …”. The picture at the top of this page is seven years old! So this year, I will make time to pose for some new photos, professional ones. For better or for worse, there will be a new me. And one of those will be used on the back cover of my third book!

Thought #2:

My third book will be published:  Someday I will Write, Someday when I have the Time. I’ve had the concept and the title for seven years, since my first book, Reflections, was published. Most of the content has been written as well. So why not just do it?

There is no time like now. Watch for it.  #Someday


Whether you let it go and let it be or whether you accomplish your goals and thoughts, I wish you the best in 2018! It’s all good as life continues on.