I love to write and speak about my life adventures and am blessed with a vivid memory to share these stories with others.  There is nothing special about my stories, except that I look for the “story” in everything.  Every “thing” is a story if we have eyes to see.  And so, I write about those “things” that I encounter or have encountered.

My first book, Reflections, was published in April 2011; and I continue to seek opportunities to find its place in the world.  Reflections is a celebration of people who have crossed my path.  I believe reading my Reflections will inspire personal reflections for the reader, so I need to spread the word.

In 2016, I finished a five-year project of writing/retelling my mother’s life story. Over the years, I have referred to it as “Mother’s Story,” but the official title is Helen’s Heritage. Her story is remarkable. The book is a compilation of life stories that will resonate with everyone – hardships, strong family ties, failures, redemption, and faith.  The older generation will remember along with her and ponder. The younger generation will probably marvel, laugh, and pause briefly during the solemn memories.  It’s real life and loaded with pictures and family history from about 1880 through today.

While working on Helen’s Heritage, I also had a few stories published with magazines. Be sure and hop over to the “Publications” tab on this website to find them.

So what’s next? I continue to work on my other book projects and have lyrics to a song partially finished. At some point, I will look for a musician to arrange the composition. We’ll see what rises to the top of these projects. Oh, I do have to eat; so I also have a career in the corporate world.

If you stopped by my place while I penned my chapters, you would have heard the music of Jim Brickman in the background.  When I manage to find some spare time, I love to ballroom dance (my exercise).  I have a bit of a princess syndrome – not the kind of wanting to be waited on – but rather I love to dress in flowy dresses and pretend I am Cinderella at the ball!  I like to fish too – hence the reason for the “princess” visor my sister adorned me with at one of our family lake outings.  And, yes, that’s me catching the biggest fish at sunrise in my pajamas – no make-up!  A princess should never have allowed that!

As I look at the pictures below that I uploaded five years ago, I hear that Stevie Nicks song in my head: And I saw my reflection … And I’m getting older too … and life continues on.


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  • Jan Rivera:

    I ordered my copy of your book and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. I’ve decided to postpone even opening the package when it comes until I’m at the lake, lying in the hammock on the dock, in the sun ~ with a glass of wine. It will be opened carefully, and I will study the front and back cover before beginning to turn the pages. I will handle it with the care one would give to a precious gift, because that’s what it is. Once opened, I will drink in the words and surely revel in the eloquent way in which it speaks. It will conjur every emotion imaginable, I’m sure of it. I will read it slowly and completely from beginning to end and feel the awe and pride I have for it’s author. It will be a ceremony and a celebration ~ of you, and for you, my friend. The lake and dock and hammock are there, ready. It will be soon now. I can hardly wait.

  • Bernie Sanders:

    Your book “Reflections” was an enjoyable read. Your writing quality is excellent. The subject matter was a little distant for me, since I vaguely knew your sons and no one else. Since what I knew of your sons was based on your frequent reflections to me of their accomplishments, I may have developed a biased (favorable) impression. Your book reminded me of the book written by Hilary Clinton when she was considering a run for the Presidency. A focus on the positive about others who have been an influence in youe life.
    Your account of your trip to Colorado was also very interesting. Many years ago my family and I traveled to Mesa Verde. On the way we came over Wolf Creek Pass and headed for Pagosa Springs. I felt that this was the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. Since then I have seen the Grand Tetons and Lake Louise, so I have probably chaged my mind.
    Best wishes in your future writings. Bernie Sanders

  • What a beautifully crafted vignette. It would have fit perfectly in my “Reflections.” Thank you Jan.

    Bernie – appreciate and enjoyed reading your comments and respect your opinion. Thank you for reading “Reflections.”

  • Lucille & Helen:

    Hey Debbie, We were just on your website and enjoyed looking and listening. 🙂 Beautiful website you have.

  • Debra Irene:

    Thank you gals for visiting and your sweet comments. Love you both!

  • Hi, just wanted you to know I finish (Reflections) couldn’t put it down! it was amazing,I can’t wait until the next one. Thank you! you are wonderful, it was encouragement. Please don’t stop.

  • Debra Irene:

    Pat – so glad you enjoyed “Reflections.” I am trying to work in more time for my next “project,” which might take the rest of this year to finish. In the meantime, please keep checking in on my website and Facebook page, as I continue to blog and post even while working on the next book.

  • Debbie I can’t wait to receive a copy of this book!! Thank you for doing this book!!

  • Gina – Thanks for all of your encouragement and support!

  • I appreciate everyone’s interest in “Helen’s Heritage.” The winner of the giveaway is Susan Moseley. We will let everyone know when “Helen’s Heritage” is ready for purchase. Thanks again for your participation.

  • Gail Hall:

    Just lost my mother 2 wk.s ago so your comments hit home. will have to find a place to buy the book . Gail

  • Gail – very sorry about the loss of your mother. My mother was the youngest of 16 children and was widowed at the age of 57. Outside of her children, grandchildren and one sister, she has endured the loss of her entire immediate family through the simple “course of life.” This book will be a treasure for the next generations in our family and has many interesting stories for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your interest. I will post a link on this website when the book is available to purchase on line.

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