New Book – 2019

I confess that I have not written many blogs this year. I looked at the first one I wrote on the first day of the new year. I identified two things that I wanted to accomplish in 2018. Neither are fulfilled. However, there is hope, just a bit deferred. (Oh, how true it is that we should always precede everything with “God willing.”  We know not what each day, month, and year holds.)

  • Although not on the timeline I had hoped, I have on my calendar to have my new author photo shoot this fall.


  • Although not far enough on the path to complete my next book this year, 2019 is a sure thing (God willing of course 🙂 ). 

The link below will direct you to a short video I made as part of my new timeline for completing and releasing the promised book. Thanks for staying tuned for more updates on #Someday!

New Book 2019


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