A blog? You must be surprised.

Well, it really isn’t a blog; but we’re going to call it one since I’ve only written two in the past year. That’s because I have practiced “planned neglect,” a term I learned from another writer and professional speaker who coaches that sometimes in order to bring a work to completion, other things must be neglected.

As you may or may not recall, I have been focused and determined to finish Mother’s story, and so I temporarily abandoned my blog and many other things in order to complete the project.

So the latest news is: we are ever-so-close!! SURPRISE!! The manuscript now resides with the publisher, and can you tell that I am just a little bit excited?

I’ve been told by other writers that when you complete a book, you should take some time to reflect and relax. “Downtime” is a good word. So what does one do when you have devoted five years to a manuscript loaded full of pictures, stories, quotes, and family history and finally pushed it off to the publisher AND considering that your hometown team won the World Series last fall? SURPRISE!! That’s right, you go to spring training!

Surprise 2016 Suprise 2016 players

See you later with details on when the book is available to purchase – Helen’s Heritage – a grateful day it is!


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